1080p ViewSonic monitor and OS X

If you’re hooking up a Mac OS X machine to a 1080p monitor via a mini displayport to HDMI adapter, you may find your display settings doesn’t have a 1920×1080 setting, and the 1080p setting produces an image with the edges cut off. Adjusting the overscan/underscan slider will make the image fit, but it turns fuzzy.

Solution: check the monitor’s settings. In my ViewSonic VX2453 the HDMI inputs have 2 settings “AV” and “PC”. Switching it to PC solved the problem, and now the picture is exactly the right size and crisp.

I spent some time futzing around with SwitchRes and several fruitless reboots before discovering the setting, so I hope this saves someone time!

13 thoughts on “1080p ViewSonic monitor and OS X”

  1. AH! Thank you, this was causing me to regret my monitor choice, and now everything looks significantly better.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’m getting much sharper text and the underscan issue is fixed. But, I’m still not able to select 1920×1080. I’m using the Moshi MiniDisplay Port to HDMI Adapter.

  3. Oh THANK you! been beating my head on the desk about this. rofl… I did resize my desktop though to 1080p, 1804×1014 to get everything to fit. Moving that to PC did the trick though.

  4. THANK YOU!!! I was just getting ready to return the monitor when i saw this post. It works quite well now. I’m still a bit disappointed with the text display, but perhaps this is as good as it gets at 1080p. Any sharper requirements would need a higher resolution which is of course not support by this monitor.

  5. Thanks a ton Broo!~! was regreting having bought this monitor!! no one else seeems to have put this up any where!!!Nice!! i have been beating my head on this for like weeks!!

  6. You are a genius! I was looking at my monitor and saying, what the heck is this? I kept playing with the under scan and it was all fuzzy. I was about to ship it back to Buy.com for a refund. Now it looks clean and crisp. Thank you!!!

  7. Just wanna say thanks for mentioning the setting for changing the PC/AV in the configuration setting James. Now looks as it should.

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