Intellij IDEA sucks

I recently got a new job where most people use Intellij IDEA. This professional product claims to “intensely focused on developer productivity” – which is interesting because of the way when files change, or once just leaves the product idle for a little while, it launches a modal dialog to show you how long it is going to take to let you do your work again – sometimes if that’s long enough, it’ll show you the quick tips which you can scroll through – the more work it has to do, the more you’ll learn about the product presumably, and thus the more productive you’ll be when it’s NOT blocking you from getting one’s work done. How can a product be this unthoughtful about the workflow of its users. Eclipse handles this great.
This is all besides the fact that its written with an ugly swing interface which takes 2 or 3 beats to redraw when unminimizing the window.

One thought on “Intellij IDEA sucks”

  1. eventhough I prefer intellij to eclipse otherwise, I could not agree more on this point – this aspect is so painful

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