Easier to manage time when busy?

There’s currently a whole load of things I want to read/play with/ do, and I really don’t have time for it all, even though I do have the interest and energy(most of the time). I guess it’s one of life’s quirks that when one is busy, there’s lots of things one wants to do, and when you’re idle/bored, you can’t be bothered to do anything. Case in point: I was unemployed for several months this summer, and apart from auditing a summer class and a little traveling, I didn’t get all that much done. Some of that I can chalk up to the grind and angst of being unemployed and scanning the job listings on craigslist and monster etc and sending out resumes, but I really had a lot of time on my hands that was just squandered. Mostly I realize that now when I’m juggling grad school and a full time job along with all the other things in life – I wish I’d used that time better. Now that I’m already busy I have all this interest in playing with this technology or reading that book, various things I couldn’t be bothered to do in the summer time when I was idle. Is it really just easier to manage one’s time when you’re busy? Once you’re in a go-go state it’s just hard to stop (inertia?)

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