Fun with “Web 2.0”

I finally made some time Sunday night to tinker with some Javascript/DHTML using MochiKit which turns out to kick ass. Definately take a look at that if you’re doing any heavy lifting in javascript (They have a intro screencast). I don’t have anything presentable to show for my efforts – I still need to make it look pretty (which i suck at, being especially susceptible to losing hours trying to do CSS-based layout), and definately give it some curves. (Thanks Matt). Was fun to play with some rich internet application stuff, given that the application I work on by day is barely “Web 1.0”.

One cool thing I have to point out is OpenRico, which is an open source library to do some really amazing things with JS/DHTML/CSS (and most importantly, without Flash), like this cool demo. (which i always saw on and assumed was flash).

Its nice to see that browsers are becoming so capable, though I bet something as cool as Yahoo’s new (beta) mapping tool (which, is amazingly, better than google’s ) couldn’t be done today in DHTML.

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