Improvements to p6spy

P6Spy is a great little tool that allows one to log all JDBC calls a Java application makes – allowing one to get a high level view of where some application bottle necks are (i.e. repeated, identical calls can probably be cached). Though it is included in applications like Infrared, it itself has unfortunately not been updated in over two years. I’ve never even seen mention of forking the project, just a few posts on its message boards sharing a few code snippets. It seems like it got folded into IronEye SQL, whose website is responding for the first time in weeks as I post this, coincidentally, but are apparently out of business anyways.

I’m posting an updated version that fixes a bug (impossible to deactivate logging of result set rows) and adds a new feature. The new feature is the addition of a category “resultcount” which will print out the number of rows fetched for a query in the format:

<p6spy preamble> <separator> <select query> <separator> "generated N rows"

Without further ado, the downloads:

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