How to create brown and blue web apps

I case you were having trouble creating brown and blue-colored web applications on your own, oracle has been kind enough to put a guide online!

If anyone can explain the mysterious “i’m gonna kill you” focus symbol (in addition to the selection column) in the “HGRID” spec here, then you’re a better man or woman than I.

Update: “Former coworker” mentioned Jakob Nielsen in a comment – so I clicked over there to find 2006’s best intranets. Guess who’s intranet isn’t on the list (hint: look at the guide above). Btw congrats to Brian/Rooney etc over in on demand workplace land for making the list.

4 thoughts on “How to create brown and blue web apps”

  1. I think it’s funny when people who think they know design put out step by step guides so that other people can end up with equally lame looking sites. Like Jakob Nielsen. You’re probably going to say that he’s your American Idol now because you’re taking all these hci courses, but I still think he and his website suck. And there is probably some dude or chick out there who published a guide for people to use loud repeating background images and rainbow horizontal rules and large Times New Roman font.

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