What is wrong with the justice system in Florida?

I was going to title this “What is wrong with Florida” but clearly we could discuss the problems with God’s waiting room all day…

First that old geezer is able to drive around for something like three miles with a freshly dead man hanging through his windshield, and get off without criminal charges by claiming he didn’t notice it until a toll booth operator kindly pointed it out to him. Too bad it wasn’t a gas station attendant, cause then the attendant could have said, “want me to check your oil, remove that corpse from your windshield?”

Moving on… Now I read this kid Lionel Tate who at 12 was already a killer (a 6 year old girl) who got off on a sweet second-degree murder charge is back in court over holding up a pizza delivery man. For three pizzas. At gunpoint.

Florida is letting him plea bargain from probation-violation that would see him in prison for life down to 10-30 years. I think this one has already sufficiently proved himself a menace to society. Lets see:

  • Kills 6 year old at 12 (gets off because of his age, probably teaching him a bad lesson)
  • Caught with 8 inch knife in 2004, clear house arrest and probation violation (gets off with only 5 year probation extension
  • Holds up pizza man for PIZZA at gunpoint (get sweetheart plea bargain)

What does one have to do in Florida before they actually write you off? Who’s going to have the misfortune of crossing Lionel’s path in 10-30 years to prove, again, that Florida should have locked him up the first time?

Update: Thinking about it more, how good can Florida pizza even be? Unless it was someone delivering pizza from New Haven or New York, how can it be worth holding someone up over?

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