Corporate UI Design and Stuck on Java

Found a blog with some interesting comments today, so I figured I’d add my 2 cents.

Saw this comment about the ways in which UI design outside of the enterprise is vastly superior to that on the inside. How true is that? Mailbox storage limits, slow mail, poor mail/calendar integration. Arbitrary refusal of zip file attachments to email. This quote really did it for me:

If your Architecture Staff thinks that the answer to these problems is to write design standards that a committee spends 6 -18 months creating and then are put out on the corporate portal in a word document, you may need to look for a new job.


Moving on to a different topic, the lack of adoption of dynamic languages (python, ruby etc) by large coprorations. From my time at IBM, I feel that it’s not because of any technical reason so much as political. The big machine churns out Java tools and lots of Java developers, so its not politically savvy to try to get an application that doesn’t use Java supported in that environment. Which is a self-fulfilling prophesy. For better or worse (more likely worse) somehow Java has become the one true language.

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