St. Patrick’s Day 5K

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Last weekend my girlfriend Kristi, my roommate Phil and I ran the 5K in Davis Square, where I live in Somerville. It was the first race I’d run in since my terrible cross country days in high school. My time from the race (~25 minutes, since the results are gun-time, rather than chip-time and it took a while to get across the start line) was probably not much worse than my times in high school ( I sucked then though).

Having never run in a grown-up race like this, and one where I may actually be faster than some non-trivial percentage of the competitors, I was suprised how difficult it was to move from the back of the start pack to a spot where I could hit my stride- the first mile was like driving in traffic, looking for little gaps where one clump of people is slower than the rest and squeezing through, with the occasional foray onto the sidewalk.

It was fun. As fun as running 3.1 miles with the temperature hovering around 38 degrees can be anyways 🙂 The free food and beer at Redbones afterwards helped too.

A fun race highlight was that when we were crossing a bridge over the train tracks, a passing Amtrak train tooted its horn at us.

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