Headphone upgrade

A couple of weeks ago I lost the cap (earbud cover) to my apple in-ear headphones. Probably not worth the $40 I paid for them, but a lot more comfortable than the ones that come with an iPod, so I was disappointed to find that apple did not sell replacement caps.

Googling one day, I stumbled upon this page which indicates the ear sleeves from some high-end headphones would fit the apple headphones. Hooray! I opted for the more permanent flex sleeves rather than the disposable foam sleeves recommended there, and now they’ve arrived from amazon I’m pleased to say they fit, and work great. Makes the headphones have a lot more bass too. Maybe too much?

3 thoughts on “Headphone upgrade”

  1. Good thing your girlfriend bought you replacement headphones for your birthday! Why does this always happen? Just once, try not to buy everything I planned to give you as gifts! I hope Amazon takes returns.

  2. Yes, way to go Mr. Kebinger. Poor Kristi’s fingers were bleeding as she fervently searched the space we refer to as the World Wide Web, in a manhunt for the perfect set of apple iPod in-the-ear headphones to please her boyfriend as his 27th year approached. Finally, after 57 days of search, she found them. Now, downtrodden and disheveled, she is going to have to walk (and then sail) to Amazon’s headquarters in Guam to make the return.

  3. Thanks for posting this info bro! I’m in Maui and was totally bummed when I lost one of my caps. Looks like a cheap fix and possibly even better sound! Rock on!

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