Fenway Frisking

The security at red sox games doesn’t make any sense. Apparently only men are a threat, because they receive a cursory pat down the sides. Women pass right on through. (though I’m sure the discriminating female terrorist would be tripped up for storing her anthrax in her vera bradley, because purses and bags are searched.)

What is the point of such half-ass security? I’m sure the pat down wouldn’t detect a firearm or some other munition in the small of one’s back, and they didn’t even touch anyone’s legs. This is like banning nail clippers on planes (yes I know they aren’t banned anymore). Maybe it makes someone feel better, but it doesn’t make a lick of difference to any actual security.

One thought on “Fenway Frisking”

  1. Whenever I’m patted down (because this happened to me at the secret after party after the Fort Minor show [droppy droppy name droppy]), I asked the security guy to feel me up. Specifically I said “aren’tcha gonna feel me up!?” And he said, “no, get inside”.

    And really, people carrying Vera Bradley shouldn’t be allowed anywhere. When did it become cool to carry your granny’s mumu around as a sack? Anyway, I think we can all agree security screening is flawed.

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