Crossing Ladies and Cheese Curds

A couple of quick comments from the last few days…

Crossing Ladies Conversation

The times I leave the house by 8:30 in the morning, there are always a couple of crossing guards working the rotary near my house. They seem to help many more adults cross the street than school children, but that’s neither here nor there.

I was waiting for my bus this morning and since it was a little late, I got to see the crossing lady interact with quite a few people. Every conversation seemed to cover what a beautiful day it was at long last – after it rained for five days straight. I’m not sure how anyone can take part in so many practically identical conversations (as eve 6 sang “talk so small I can’t remember every single word) over and over again. Or maybe she’s providing a valuable pick me up in the morning, especially in a place where one probably otherwise wouldn’t talk until showing up at work.

Cheese Curds

I love cheese, so one of the things I was looking forward to about my weekend trip to Wisconsin with Kristi was tasting my first cheese curds. And hearing them squeak. I was disappointed on both fronts. I like my cheddar cheese as sharp as I can find it. Only cheese curds are rather mild so that was disappointing. As it was pretty cold during the weekend they never warmed up enough to squeak upon ingestion either. 🙁

Jury, Have You Reached a Verdict

I don’t know if Judges really say to the jury what they do on TV when a verdict is to be rendered, but it always irks me. Usually the judge reads a piece of paper that presumably has the verdict on it, then hands it back to the bailiff who gives it back to the head juror. The judge then says “Ladies and gentlement of the jury have you reached a verdict?” – doesn’t the judge already know the answer to that question?

3 thoughts on “Crossing Ladies and Cheese Curds”

  1. The first and last time I had cheese curds was when I visited the Tillamook plant in Oregon. If they sold them I would buy them. I like odd foods and the tang and the squeak made it an addictive snack. I agree it is no aged Vermont, but tasty none-the-less.

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