My Naturalization Interview

I had my naturalization interview today. Scheduled for 1:30, but didn’t actually start until 2:40, then it only took 15-20 minutes at the most. Although I passed the tests of English and US history, a decision cannot be made yet – apparently my security check is still pending.

Some highlights:

  • The waiting room had a bulletin board that hosted the Association of Immigration Attorneys Essay Contest – from 1997
  • If you’re not into nine year old essays or terrible MSNBC anchor-bimbos you can always stare longingly at the official portrait of Michael Chertoff, head of homeland security. What is it about being a cabinet level leader that makes it so you want to have your picture hung all over the place like some kind of minor deity?
  • If anyone from homeland security or the NSA is reading this, let someone know that “naturalization” is spelled “naturlaization” in the middle of form N-652 “Naturalization Interview results”. Scratch that, I mentioned the mispelling on the phone earlier, so I’m sure the NSA already knows. Thanks AT&T;!
  • Writing the sentence “I like good food” is enough to prove that one has a command of writing the english language
  • Apparently you know enough about the principles for which the US government stands if you know the answers to the following questions: What colors are in the flag? How many stars are on the flag? How many states are there? Who was the first president? Who’s the president now?. What do we celebrate on July 4th? Pretty demanding!
  • There seems to be a delicious irony that one of the questions asked is about whether I am opposed to the violent overthrow of governments, coming from a government that started that way and keeps on doing it all over the world? Could George Washington have answered yes to that question truthfully? Let the record show I don’t believe in the violent overthrow of governments.
  • The sentence “You passed the tests of English and U.S. history and government.” seems to be pretty ambiguous to me

I hate being asked for information by anyone more than once, but that was how most of the session was spent – confirming the answers I had already given.

Now we wait.

3 thoughts on “My Naturalization Interview”

  1. You know what’s wild? I totally had my supernaturalization interview yesterday. I’m waiting for the beam.

  2. My story is similar yours…I had my naturalization interview and civic test on May 01, last Tuesday. Then I got a paper from the INS officer which had the heading N-652, Naturalization interview results. The INS officer Lauren put a tick mark next to the “You passed the test of English and US history and government”. Then she put a tick mark next to the OPTION B) “A decision cannot yet be made about your application”. The other option was the OPTION A) “Congratulations! Your application has been recommended for approval”. I am so worry and I did not understand if I am eligibility for naturalization. Last Thursday, my husband and I wrote a letter and we send to INS office in Tampa. We ask what this mean the option B. I am very excitedly for wait the letter to I go the oath ceremony.
    This is very important moment of my life and my life this moment depend of this result. My husband and my two daughter are American. Every year we travel to Brazil and obtain U.S American passport make more easy when we visit another country, because only me have to take different line when we return to United States. Normally we stayed more time in airport, because I have different passport and this is stressful with two little babies. I hope that my process is prove. That to be great for us! After to studied for the INS test, I believe that I know more the History of the United States than many anther native-born that I talked and I know.

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