Down with Monarch Computers

Don’t shop at Monarch Computers. If you have to make a return, you’ll regret it. I wanted a refund, instead I got a run around.

I found monarch computers browsing through Pricewatch for memory for my new macbook. It must have been late because it turns out I accidentally bought desktop RAM instead of laptop RAM. This was June 14. As soon as I opened the box I realized my mistake, so I contacted them and got an RMA number and had the memory on its way back in a day or two. They would only give me store credit, less the 15% gouging fee for restocking, so I waited my time until they processed my return. And waited. Called to ask why I hadn’t got a store credit notification yet even though the package was already there for days. I get told the “returns department” is taking care of it – but seriously how many people could actually be working for this place?

Seven days after the return gets there I finally get an email saying my store credit is ready. I instantly place an order for the correct memory so I can use my store credit. Only it turns out that they don’t apply the credit to the order:

keep in mind that orders processed on the website will be completely billed to your credit card or pay pal account, and in turn, the store credit will be refunded back to your account within 10-15 days of the order being processed.

Or do they? I get two emails that say this instead

Your RMA credit is currently being applied to your order. Any credit available to you will be refunded back to you.

Seems to be some internal confusion about their policies.

The order was placed on 6/30 and finally shipped 7/6 or so (because of the holiday). Add on the 10-15 days and my money is a little over two weeks overdue.

I start calling. They don’t even answer the phone half the time. Last monday (7/30) they told me that the return credit was to be processed that day by the “credit department”. Today (8/7) I call, again, looking for my refund and am told again it was sent to the “credit department” and should have been taken care of. I ask to speak with this mysterious “credit department” and the guy (Mark?) tells me he has no way of providing me that information (wtf?). So I tell Mark that unless I hear from someone by the end of the day I’m going to have to start a chargeback through my credit card – he takes my number but I didn’t hold my breath on hearing from them.

When I got home, I started my first ever chargeback.

Its disappointing really – I usually prefer to deal with smaller companies I find through pricewatch (especially if they’re on the east coast so shipping is faster and cheaper) but this is the first time I’ve had a problem.

Steer clear of monarch computers.

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