Time for a new phone.

Phone going south

My trusty Sony Ericcson T637 is in the process of shuffling off this mortal coil as you can probably tell from the picture at right. I’m looking around for a new phone but not seeing anything I really like. Cingular seems to be overrun by Motorola phones, and I’ve never liked their interface design. Their cell phone selection seems to be influenced by some echo of Henry Ford. You can have any phone you like as long as its a Razr. In four colors!

I want something that’s not really a smart phone, but rather a “smarter” phone. I don’t want a whole computer to carry around, but it would be nice if it had a basic HTML browser so I could use it with Backpack or some other online organizer. Perhaps some basic calendaring and organizer capabilities. It has to play nice with isync. Music playing and picture taking aren’t priorities because I already have those covered. Hopefully it’s not huge either.

I tend to overconstrain problems so that they can’t be solved, so maybe I’m already there with the above needs.

The Nokia Nseries looks like it could be a winner for me, but I don’t know if or when cingular would offer one of their phones, plus only the top of the line appears to support GSM850. They do offer the 6682 which appears to meet my needs, but they’re not doing me any favors; at $250 its only 50 bucks cheaper than getting it directly from Nokia, unlocked.

I like sony ericcson as well but I can’t decipher their current phone line and cingular only offers one of their phones right now, the Z525a, which doesn’t meet my needs. The k790 and w810
look like they could meet my requirements as well, but they’re not on Cingular yet either, although they are rumored to be showing up soon.

I guess there’s always ebay, but that’s complicated slightly because I have an AT&T; sim card rather than Cingular, so all the Cingular locked phones there will probably not work.

Suggestions anyone?

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