Almost time for back to school…

Matt’s post about his first week of grad school reminds me of two things: 1) Class starts for me next week 2) I’m jealous that his program offers an Information Visualization class. That’s something I’m interested in, health system but despite all my lobbying and rounding up quite a few grad students who are also intrested, I can’t get Tufts to offer such a class. I’ll have to look into a directed study or transferring credit from some other school in the area.

I’m bumming in general about my grad program at Tufts because all the interesting classes are offered during the day. They don’t really have a night program, and they try to offer enough classes at or after 4, but this semester the offerings are pretty grim. I’d like to take Computational Bio or Computational Geometry but they’re in the afternoon, twice a week. I could probably get work to let me do that, but the I feel stuck there because a new job isn’t likely to be down with that.

Also a bummer is that it will take forever to finish. I contemplated quitting my job and going to school full time for one semester to knock off a bunch of classes at once, but thought it would be dumb to do that and not actually be done at the end of it. Maybe next fall. If not I need to knuckle down and take more than one class at a time.

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