Late to two-way sync party…

I was disappointed this morning to see on digg that someone is already writing software to do bidirectional syncing between google calendar and icalendar. I have been preparing to write such a beast by familiarizing myself with the syncservices API, all the while wondering why no one had done it yet. SyncServices makes it surprisingly easy to do, and that’s been around since Tiger came out over a year ago.

There was clearly a pent up demand for a tool like that, lots of blog posts and comments on the topic here and there – definately something that would fetch a token 10 or 20 bucks for use. I was wavering between a free/open source model and doing a a for-pay client (which would probably require lawyering and accounting) so now that there’s competition, if I proceed it’ll definately be the former. That’s only fair really since I wouldn’t have done it at all if PyObjC wasn’t free.

At least now there’s no real rush to beat some unknown competitor. I can go back to learning ruby on rails instead as originally planned.

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