Wii At Last

I finally got my hands on a Nintento Wii! While I haven’t been trying nearly as hard as many, Ive had a couple of frustrating close calls until now. I was in New York city so on the way to my hotel I stopped in to Toys R Us in Time’s Square, and there they were! They were being handed out at the register one by one, so I got to wait in a long long line without knowing if there would be any left when I got to the front. I lucked out and there was (only 10ish at that point, if I’d been much later I would have missed out). Apparently they sold about 200 in an hour or so that day. There were about 20 ps3s there, but there didn’t seem to be any takers; there were a few sitting there still hours later when I stopped in to look for an extra nunchuk attachment.

Wii Sports is really fun.

2 thoughts on “Wii At Last”

  1. We need to get some 4-way wii sports going!

    Erica and I have been practicing, I hope you and kristi have been as well!

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