The experience myth

The Hillary campaign and their supporters all want the Clintons back in Washington, and one of their chief arguments to make that happen is the perception that Hillary has this wealth of experience. Mr. Clinton even went so far as describing a vote for Obama as a “roll of the dice”.
What just occurred to me however is that its no more of a roll of the dice than a vote for Clinton in ’92, when he was just a governor from Arkansas with no Washington experience.
That seemed to work out well enough for the Clinton fans, so why not roll the proverbial dice (if that’s how you want to think of it) again? Is anyone really ready to be president on day one, a job unlike any other?

One thought on “The experience myth”

  1. Having an ex-president for a husband is definitely a +1 for the experience police. Having something old and familiar after these terrible 8 years we just experienced wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

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