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Every now and then my iPhone has this issue where it can’t tell time properly. I wake it up, and it shows me a time several hours ago, then as if waking from a drunken stupor, slowly tries to catch up to reality, moving the clock forward by a small, random number of minutes. During these episodes the whole UI is sluggish, and it apparently doesn’t even accept phone calls. When “phone” is 5/6 of your name one would think at least that would work all of the time!

Check out this screenshot from the missed call sheet. It recorded 3 missed calls that arrived over the course of an afternoon all with the exact same arrival time, 9:40 AM. The phone never rang.

That was with v2.01, so I sure hope this is fixed in the future.
For all the complaining I often do about the poor documentation of the scriptaculous project, I finally did something to help that today, creating (very thin) documentation for their new (if released in January is new) Effect.Tween function here on their github wiki.

I was creating a method to scroll the viewport so that the contents of an AJAX-loaded div would be fully visible on the screen – the (still undocumented) Effect.ScrollTo doesn’t quite do it because it doesn’t consider the height of the element it scrolls to, but in doing so I stumbled over Tween in the code. Once the math to figure out how much scrolling is needed, its easy to use Effect.Tween to smoothly scroll the window by repeatedly calling window.scrollBy();

This certainly isn’t rocket science, but here’s an outline of how to do it (this code only deals with downward vertical scrolling):

var elementHeight = element.getHeight();
var screenHeight = document.viewport.getHeight();
var elementScreenPos =element.viewportOffset()[1];
var amountToScroll = elementHeight - (screenHeight - elementScreenPos);
if (amountToScroll > 0){
var scrollPos = document.viewport.getScrollOffsets().top;
new Effect.Tween(null,scrollPos,scrollPos+amountToScroll,{},function(n) { window.scrollTo(0,n);});

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