Idiot Calling on Twitter – Frequency of You’re vs Your

At the risk of being forever branded a grammar elitist, lets take a quick look at use of the phrase “your an idiot” on twitter.

Inspired by the tweet by @doctorzaius referencing a URL to Twitter’s search page for “your an idiot”, I used Twitter’s streaming API to download a sample of 6581 tweets containing the word “idiot” overnight, for about 12 hours.

Of these 6581 tweets, 65 contained our friend “your an idiot”. 161, two and a half times as many, contained “you’re an idiot”. Additionally, there were 2 tweets with “your such an idiot”, and just one “you’re such an idiot”. The forces of good grammar have won this round?

Note: This is a very small sample. It may be interesting to compare Facebook status updates to see what the you’re/your ratio looks like there one day…

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