Lets Fight Voter ID Laws By Putting An ID In Every Voter’s Pocket

In Texas alone, its estimated that between 400,000 and 600,000 people don’t have the identification that is required to vote. Lets take for granted that requiring an ID to vote is regressive and discriminatory. Fighting this on principle in the courts has had mixed success. Lets play the long game on this.

The Plan

  1. Raise some money
  2. Massive ground campaign to help people get the paperwork they need to get an ID
  3. Continued ground campaign to physically take people to their local government office to get a license or other ID and cover the fees
  4. People with their shiny new IDs vote the jerks who tried to keep them down out of office

Sounds Expensive

Lets estimate $200 a head for government fees, transportation, compensation for lost wages. That’s $80 million dollars to solve Texas. That’s a lot of money in the real world, but campaigns flush more money than that down the toilet of useless TV ads. Lets get some voters the ID they need and improve some lives along the way. If the government doesn’t want to help people, then lets help the people and then help them get a government that wants to help them in the future.

Why Has No One Tried This Yet

Anyone know? I’m all ears

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