Lying “Homeless” People

Now let me start by saying I’m not opposed to the impecunious members of society asking for money – I’m sure people can legitimately get into a situation where it becomes neccessary to ask strangers for money. What does bother me, and perhaps this is a thin line to cross, is those who lie to get money. For example: There’s a woman who I’ve seen riding the red line, moving from car to car – her story is that she had her bag stolen and needs $11 to get the bus home. That’s all well and good, but I saw her three times in two weeks with the same story. I would argue that it is highly improbable for one person to be that unfortunate with their bag – but people fork over money. Would it violate some implied social contract to stand up and point out that this woman did the same thing two days ago? In fact the man next to me last time I saw her whispered “She does this all the time…”. Too true.

2 thoughts on “Lying “Homeless” People”

  1. There used to be this lady in Harvard Square that was constantly saying, “Spare change, pleasesirmaam…spare change, pleasesirmaam…” She still around?

  2. i fell for one of these people when i was in philly 2 weeks ago… she sounded like she wanted to give me 4 quarters for a dollar, so she could take the bus home… i gave her a dollar and she kept walking… apparently susan’s mom fell for her thing as well a couple weeks prior to my visit. that’s the last time i give money to one of those people, so much for charity…

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