Expensive car keys

Ugh, I lost my keys the other day, including my car key, remote, and house keys. Cost to replace house key, twice – $3 (including labor). Cost to replace car key, because it has a “chip” in it: $24 for the key, $44 for the labor to cut the key and hook a computer up to the car to tell it to start when it sees the new master key. I’m at least as much for progress as the next guy, but seriously, this shouldn’t cost this much.
Anyways, in the hopes that my keys will reappear (I lost them somewhere between my car and kickball, no more than a couple hundred yards) I went ahead and postered the immediate neighborhood So we’ll see if anything comes of that.
Lost Keys Flyer

4 thoughts on “Expensive car keys”

  1. Still a honda – more like the keys are expensive to replace, not the car is expensive 🙂

  2. so…wait a minute though…if you DO find your new keys, they won’t work right? Because your car has been reprogrammed to accept the new “chip” or whatever? Maybe you want the keys for the key chain or as nostalgia? What happened to your remote?

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