Playground Sports

I read somewhere an article bemoaning today’s twenty-somethings increasing refusal to act like grown ups. There’s probably something to that- cities around the US have growing numbers of people playing little kid sports like kickball and dodgeball. The beauty of these sports though, is that everyone is on a pretty level playing field – no one played division one kickball in college and want to take out their lack of pro career on the rest of us. These sports are a great way to meet people who aren’t hard-core athletes from all over that you’d probably never have met otherwise.

I’ve captained a kickball team (the Free Ballers) for the summer and fall seasons of the WAKA Minuteman division – our fall season ended last night in a cold and rainy 17-0 pummeling to eject us from the first round of the playoffs, which could be expected based on our 2-4-1 record with a run differential of -23. Now I’ve joined a dodgeball team for the off season, along with some other kickball folks, making us all cross-playground-sport athletes. Like modern day Bo Jacksons, if you will.

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