Too Many Wires!

This is what the side of my iBook looks like most days:

Wires Spewing from iBook

Since I went out and bought a 17″ flat panel (can you ever have enough pixels?), and then a keyboard and mouse, I’m swimming in connections – so now when I do take my iBook down to the library to do homework or on a trip, I’m unplugging all these damn wires. The other day, I thought something along the lines of “my kingdom for a docking station” – and what do you know, even though apple doesn’t provide connectors on their laptops, someone made this hacky passthru thing.

Only snag, its around 200 bucks. Which makes me think, I could just get a mac mini for not all that much more than that, and not have to throw it away next time I upgrade laptops (hopefully a powerbook next time, though I heard they aren’t going to make 12″ powerbooks anymore). Then I’ll have the keeping important files in sync problem, but that’s solvable.

I don’t think I want to buy any more mac hardware until they’re running speedy intel chips though. After seeing some benchmarks about dual core Opterons thrash the dual core intel chips, its too bad Apple didn’t go with AMD. Maybe by then the mac mini will support dual monitors. That would rule!

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