News reporters “on location”?

I work next to a big courthouse in Cambridge, and fairly often there are rows of satellite trucks parked there, idling all day long, so that come the 6 o’clock news some talking head can blather on about the latest case of society gawking at truly unimportant crap while standing in front of it. Does standing in front of the courthouse mean their information is more valid, their comments more intelligent?

I’m pretty sure the local news (Is your toilet trying to kill you? Find out at 11!) watching public could be duped by just as satisfied with someone standing in front of a bluescreen, like on the Daily Show.

If supermarket loading docks can post signs prohibiting idling trucks to protect the neighbors, I think its time the courthouse did too.

Massachusetts has anti-idling legislation but it appears to contain an exception for vehicles that require their engines running for situations like this:

(c) vehicles engaged in an operation for which the engine power is necessary for an associate power need other than movement and substitute alternate power means cannot be made available provided that such operation does not cause or contribute to a condition of air pollution.

Maybe there should be some new legislation to incent those that operate vehicles of this type to install and operate auxillary power units instead of their primary engine.

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