Kickball is good: winning is better

My kickball team pulled out its first win of the season last night, and in exciting fashion. We were down 2-0 going in the bottom of the last inning – our offense was sputtering as usual, but we were still close. Eli steps up to the plate and boots a home run. That’s one in. Then Erica gets on base, followed by me with a bunt up the middle. Chip pops up, Erica gets home and I’m on third. Chris kicks one deep bringing me home for the come from behind victory.

Now we’re 1-2 with one of the losses a forfeit. Hopefully that explosive inning is a sign of more offensive output for the rest of the season.

3 thoughts on “Kickball is good: winning is better”

  1. It only took you three seasons to score in kickball! Congrats. As someone who managed to score in her first season (ha!), I welcome you to the club. At least you had better luck scoring a kickball girlfriend. :p

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