Macbook wireless: use it or lose it

I’ve had my macbook for about a week now: not long enough for it to start turning yellow yet, so my chief annoyance with it (besides it only having 512 megs of RAM because I was an idiot and ordered the wrong kind) is that its wireless drops intermittently. As in, it’ll be sitting there with all 4 bars of strength clicking through web pages and all of a sudden there’s no internet. But I started downloading the new XCode (which is almost a gig), and as I started, thought, no way is this going to finish. And while theres still time for that to become true because its not done yet, for some crazy reason this is the longest its wireless connection has ever stayed associated to my base station.

Other than that I think its great. It’ll certainly keep me warm in the winter time. If anyone does happen to stumble upon this and is thinking about getting one: do not even think about keeping the stock 512 Megs of RAM. It swaps like crazy with more than a couple of things open.

Update: The experiment is a success. Of sorts. I noticed my wireless had dropped so I checked to see if the download had completed. It had.

2 thoughts on “Macbook wireless: use it or lose it”

  1. Did you ever get this issue sorted? I’m a new (1 day) macbook owner and I am having the same issue! Thanks!

  2. For a while I thought I had fixed it (at least at home) by reducing the beacon (or some other) interval on my linksys router, but when I switched to some open source firmware the problem with my macbook came back.
    You can run istumbler or some other program in the “search for wireless networks nearby” genre, these seem to keep the card active.

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