Long hold times at Authorize.net

Over the past two days, I’ve had the misfortune of gathering a good sample of Authorize.net’s support hold time. (fyi, they are an internet credit card processing gateway) Four calls – each with hold times between 12 and 15 minutes! At between 9 and 10 eastern time, so a good chunk of the country is still sleeping no less. That doesn’t seem like any way to run a business. When I asked about the hold times (on the third call), the guy said its because its the first weekdays after the monthly billing cycle. That was meant to be reassuring but its got to make you wonder what are they doing wrong with their customer billing so that everyone has to call them about it?

In their defense, the problem I was calling about wasn’t their fault, and they indicated they thought some of our information was wrong right from the get go.

Hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out and I won’t have to call them again.

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